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Take the Mystery out of Designing a Perfect Backyard Living Space

A Step by Step Guide to Designing the Perfect Backyard Living Space.

Direct to Homeowner or Direct to Business Owner. 

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Home Owner 

We will Guide you Step by Step to Designing your very own Backyard Living Space

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We will teach step by step on how start adding Outdoor Living Design to your Existing Landscaping Business

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Designing the Perfect Backyard Living Space should not be a Mystery

Without the Outdoor Living Design skills that we teach in this course it’s going to cost you…

This Course Gives You Everything You Need to Design the Backyard of your Dreams!


Design with Confidence

Stop guessing and start knowing that you are Designing your space correctly. 

Build with a "Plan"

This is the Biggest Mistake people make. They start building without a clear plan. 

Enjoy your new Backyard

With a clear Design & Plan in place. Follow that vision to a completed Backyard Space.

You can do this! You just need the right Guide....

We will be there every step of the way. Follow our proven Outdoor Living Design system and you will be building memories in your New Backyard Living Space in no time!

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Designing your Backyard 
Is as Easy as 1,2,3 ...

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Only $199 gets you access to our on-demand Design Course.

Learn Backyard Living Design

We will teach you step by step how to Design your Perfect Backyard Living Space. 

Use your Plan to Build

Now you have a solid plan to follow to create the Backyard of your Dreams

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Klobas Family

....receiving the help with the Backyard Design was the key. It gave us the confidence to move forward with our Backyard Living project.

Hueffner Family 

This process changed my family's life! We could not find a capable Design team and then we found the Backyard Living Guide! We loved the step by step approach and we would highly recommend this system.....

Chau Family 

We especially appreciated the guidance with the style of our Backyard Living space. We are very happy we found the right guide!

We will teach you our tried and true

Backyard Living Design Process!

It is challenging if not impossible to find a competent Outdoor Living Design Firm in most local areas. While Interior Designers and Landscapers are a dime a dozen these companies do not understand the complex world of Outdoor Living and they definitely do not understand how to correctly Design a Backyard Living Space.  

This course will teach you more about Outdoor Living Design then the majority of Landscape professionals in your local area most likely know. In fact we have a separate course that is specifically tailored to teach Outdoor Living Design principles to standard Landscape Companies all over the world. 

As the Backyard Living Guides we are all about helping you master the key principles of Backyard Living Design. If you want to understand the basics of Covered Outdoor Spaces, Outdoor Fireplaces, Outdoor Kitchens, In-ground Pools and Hot Tubs, Fire Features, Decks, Hardscaping, Pergola's, and many more Outdoor Living Destinations then you will love this course.

Our on-demand courses will give you the fundamentals of Outdoor Living Design, sharing key trade secrets that will ensure you do it right the first time, that you have proper flow and continuity between spaces, and how to think like a Designer. We regularly release new courses to equip you for every aspect of your Outdoor Living area. Backyard Living Design is just the start of the journey. You will most likely be adding to your space for many years to follow as you become more accustomed to your new Backyard Living lifestyle. Amenities like outdoor speakers, outdoor tv’s, outdoor kitchen essentials, outdoor saunas, hot tubs, and much more will become a regular family discussion. 

The whole system is designed to make learning fun and engaging. Don’t settle for information overload and overpriced Landscapers that don't really understand the art of Backyard Living Design. Get access to our Outdoor Living Design course and Design your Dream Backyard Living Space with confidence!

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Design Course

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