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Backyard Designers are Hard to Find!

Your search is over.

Let us Design your Dream Backyard!


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Good Designers are hard to find!

Good Designers that know Backyard Living Design principles are almost impossible to find .

If you hire the wrong Designer its going to cost you....

You don’t have to settle for the Local Landscaper that does NOT know true Backyard Living Design! We can Design your Dream Backyard Living Space in 3D full color, wherever you live in the world. We provide the personal face to face approach that will ensure you love your Design!

Let us Design the Backyard of your Dreams!

Professional Outdoor Living Designers

Every Designer on our team has been certified in our Backyard Living Design Program. They are true experts in the art of Outdoor Living Design!

3D Full Color Design Visuals 

The days of 2D Black and White are gone! See your future Outdoor Living Space completely finished with our 3D Modeling in full color!

Personalized Face to Face Collaboration 

We understand the importance of face to face communication. Initial consultation to Design Presentation done via online video conference. 


Design to Finished Space

Small Courtyards and Mini Properties
Majority of our Remote Designs 
Estates & Plus Size Properties

Book a Free No Obligation Appointment Now. 

After we will look at your property via Satellite or Pictures we give you a one time Price (much better then hourly rate) for your Backyard Living Design. 


There's a reason I'm known as the "Backyard Design Guy'd" - It’s because Backyard Design is what I have dedicated my life to. I LOVE helping people all over the world create the most amazing Backyard Spaces. These Backyard Spaces are so much more than a Landscape. They are ‘Works of Art’ that draw family and friends together to build memories and enjoy one another’s company . . . and it all starts with Design. It is SO IMPORTANT to start your project off right. The ONLY way to do it right is 3D DESIGN. 

I believe my Backyard Design Firm is the Best there is! No one has more experience, more knowledge, more heart, or more creativity and ability - to take a plot of land and turn it into a Dream Outdoor Living Space - one people will gather around for generations - than we do. 

We have a tried-and-true 3D Backyard Design process that is unmatched in the industry. This process takes the somewhat abstract world of Design and simplifies it into a checklist, ensuring that everything you are interested in is discussed, prioritized, and ultimately added or subtracted into the 3D DESIGN. I have also personally trained our Design team in the art of Backyard "LIVING" Design. They know the ins-and-outs of how to handle any Backyard situation - how to turn a dull Backyard into a family lifestyle everyone you know will want to be a part of. 

The long and short of it - I want you to have the Best Backyard for your personal home and life. A space uniquely Yours. The best possible space for a budget you are comfortable with. Without a GOOD 3D DESIGN your Outdoor Living Space might not turn out to be all it can be. A 3D DESIGN will save you money, save mistakes. and give you invaluable site visuals. You will see ‘the After’ before you even begin and have confidence your backyard layout is the absolute best. 

Thank you again,

Micah - Backyard Design Guy'd



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